Distance Reiki treatments image

During a Distance Reiki treatment the whole Reiki session described in the Face to Face Reiki session section is carried out remotely, using special techniques to make an energetic connection between myself and you, the client.  This means you can have a reiki treatment wherever you are, with liaison between us before the session to help you plan for this and after the session to discuss your thoughts, and to give you any feedback.    

Although the therapy is given remotely, the connection between the Reiki therapist and the client can be as strong as when the session is face to face; indeed one client recently described the sensations experienced during his Distance Reiki session as 'very tingly, like the the feeling you have when you get pins and needles without any pain or discomfort'. Another client advised that during her Distance Reiki session she felt 'very relaxed and like I was wrapped in cotton wool and being looked after'.  

Another client recently fed back about the energy she felt during her Distance Reiki session: 'such hot toes, zip wires of energy up and down and lots of heart and pelvis feelings'.

Click on the following link to read a friend’s experience of distance reiki sent to her in France during lockdown https://notesfromlechassaing.co.uk/reiki/.  Other reviews are in my review section.

The whole session lasts about 90 mins to 2 hours in total with each client given plenty of time, without feeling rushed.

Please contact me if you’d like to arrange an appointment or would like further information.