I have never received reiki before and had been looking into it for a while to try and ground/balance myself, after viewing Anna’s web page I instantly knew she was the lady I needed to go and see. Anna made me feel so relaxed straight away with our initial phone call and welcomed me into her home for our session, explaining what would happen. I can’t put into words how the reiki made me feel but it was just wonderful and much more. In the weeks after my reiki I have felt stronger within myself and much more balanced to deal with things that have happened in my personal circumstances, I can’t thank Anna enough, I shall definitely be returning"


 Anna is a very caring, professional and dedicated reiki therapist. I have recently had 2 distance reiki sessions with Anna. Anna tunes in and is fully aware of any emotional turmoil you are going through. It is remarkable what her Reiki helps you to discover. The treatment techniques helps to alleviate and release these emotions.What I found amazing is Anna is very astute and uses a mixture of symbols and techniques to address the needs of each client. I certainly felt relaxed and nurtured by her wonderful range of skills. Anna is fully competent and well versed in how the body, feelings and mind of a person are inextricably linked. This was a journey of wellbeing and spiritual calmness. Anna has a gift and will look after you so well. So treat yourself to unlock your inner calm. You will not be disappointed. Take time out for you and Anna will guide you through this process of self discovery promoting healing and vitality. Thank you so very much Anna!"


 I found the reiki session very relaxing and on a deeper level it helped my overall mental, spiritual and physical well-being. The session enabled me to process the emotional stress and tension I was holding in my body. This process I believe carried on a few days after the session leaving me feeling more balanced, revitalised and energised. Anna was very professional, caring and empathetic - I would highly recommend!"


 I had never had a Reiki session until I met Anna, so I knew very little about it. Whilst listening to relaxing music Anna slowly runs her hands over you and then very gently places them on various parts of your body which passes extraordinary warmth and calmness over you and a soothing sense of well-being. The experience is so relaxing. I could lie there for hours. Afterwards I feel de-stressed both physically and mentally and my body is soothed almost as if I have had a massage. I’m so pleased to have discovered the benefits of Reiki to both mind body and highly recommend Anna!!"


 A fantastic reiki therapist who is able to tune you in and clear your negative energy paths. I didn't realise how much of a barrier these can be on a daily basis. I was a sceptic but am a convert. Anna really works to understand what it is that is impacting your daily life and gently heals."


 I found Anna Monaghan’s Reiki very effective. This Autumn I had my hips replaced. In the first week I struggled to get comfortable (it hurt). This is when I had my first session. To get my brain on the right wavelength with Reiki, Anna leant me a CD which got me into the good mode of thinking. Being so uncomfortable with my hip, I was open minded and immersed myself into it as I wanted Reiki to give some benefit. And I was amazed it did. It is a relaxing process. I pushed myself to think as per the CD. Reiki is different, the heat from the hands & the movements of whatever it is inside the body. During the first session & subsequent sessions, at times the pain felt worse, but by the end & afterwards, it was worth it. Every time has been surprising & different. All sorts of things, strange/mad to describe. But in a nice way & Anna is calm, pleasant, immerses herself in it with you. Afterwards she tells you what she observed and it is very interesting. Well worth a go and then more goes."


 I have had two long distance Reiki sessions with Anna. During the sessions I felt extremely relaxed and felt a warmth around my heart/chest area. Afterwards we had a chat about the session and what she said confirmed that she had really been able to work on the areas I had issues with. I found her to be a really professional, caring and passionate therapist and would wholeheartedly recommend her"


 Anna is one of the most professional and passionate people I have met, she is an exceptional Reiki Master and she goes the extra mile to ensure the experience is relaxed, spiritual and enriching - definitely a MUST for your health and wellbeing!"


 I wasn't sure what to expect when I attended my first Reiki session. Wow, total relaxation and positive energy enabled me to focus. A new and interesting experience not to be missed."


 Anna helped me during a very stressful period in my life. She was very accomodating and thoughtful and worked around my needs. Reiki with Anna was very relaxing and restorative and gave me renewed energy and fortitude. I would definitely recommend Anna"


 I had a session of distance reiki therapy with Anna to address poor sleeping. I found it so calming that I fell asleep during the session. Afterwards, I felt a tingling in my hands and wrists - probably because I do a lot of typing. Anna was very attentive, following up with me to ensure that I was fully 'balanced'. I've been sleeping really well every since. I definitely recommend Anna."


 Recently I received my first ever Reiki therapy from the wonderful therapist Anna Monaghan at Glow Reiki, and even though this was a distant therapy session I felt a very strong connection and flow of energies. I didn’t really know what to expect, though Anna explained everything to me, we would set a time, listen to some spiritual music then I should just lie back and relax and let her do the rest of the work from a few miles away! I felt like I needed to be clearer and more focussed on future projects, am I on the right path? and to clear my energies to feel gratitude and accept any new opportunities that arise, to continue on the right journey for me. Within minutes of relaxing I felt a buzzing sensation from my eyes, slowly moving between my eyebrows and onto my forehead. It was very strong, but not unpleasant. This continued down under my ears and then I could feel a pulsation through my body. Thoughts of my wishes and goals were filling my mind, I felt positive and lifted. My visions were like dreams, but they made me feel elated, like they were real. In this instance, I didn’t feel the relaxation benefits of Reiki, I felt energised and receptive. Like I had so much to do and so many plans to make, I wanted to get going! This session invigorated me, I felt alive and ready to take on the world with a new, positive focus. After the session, which lasted about an hour, Anna called me to talk through some blockages in my Chakra’s she had found, particularly my Crown Chakra, Third Eye Chakra and Throat Chakra – this all made perfect sense with the vibrations I was experiencing. I felt that my energy flow was balanced and unblocked. She also draws Tarot cards and a crystal to accompany the session and it made perfect sense that my cards were regarding endings and new cycles and emotional balance. So, if you are looking for relaxation, pain relief, a boost (which my session was), or just a little ‘me’ time, Anna’s Reiki treatments might be just what you’re looking for, give it a go, I think you will be very pleasantly surprised at the power of Distance Reiki!"


 I would describe myself as a generally busy person and trying to carve out any ‘me’ time can be a challenge. Anna introduced me to reiki and with her pragmatic, down to earth attitude suggested I try it. I look forward to all my sessions. Anna is really quite amazing and her ability is endless. She is very modest and professional in her approach. Reiki always gives me the boost I need. Following my sessions I feel energised with clarity of mind. For me it’s not always about relaxing, but as Anna always says, ‘Reiki provides you with what you need, not always what you want’. I would recommend Glow Reiki a million times over"

 I recently took part in some virtual reiki with Anna. I have a busy job and have 3 small children and was looking for a bit of me time. I contacted Anna to find out how the sessions could help me. I found her to be very friendly and warm and she put me at ease immediately. Prior to the session Anna sends a link to some music. The therapy should take place in a quiet room where you can’t be disturbed and lasts for about an hour. Once the therapy started I found I was very relaxed. I felt like I was weightless and almost floating. After the session Anna gave me a call to see how I found it. She is professional and knowledgeable. Anna uses crystals in combination with Reiki. She told me about the crystal she had chosen for me and the reasons why. She also told me about what she had found during the therapy. Overall the experience was very positive for me. I will definitely continue to use Anna as I feel the therapy has had a positive effect on my wellbeing."


 I have recently had a distance reiki session, with Anna to complement physio treatment for a minor knee injury. I wasn't sure what to expect from a distance reiki session but felt the same sensations in my body as in previous face to face reiki sessions. I was pleasantly suprised by the results on both a physical and emotional level. Anna is a very caring, emphatic and professional practitioner who spent a lot of time preparing for the session and on the aftercare. I was very impressed with the results - I believe it helped in the healing process of my knee and I felt energised and emotionally balanced after the session. I highly recommend."


 Anna is a great reiki therapist, very knowledgeable and professional. She created a relaxing and nurturing atmosphere as part of the treatment, which was very effective. She uses crystals as part of her work, which was an interesting addition. A very good session and I would recommend."


 Anna is a fantastic Reiki therapist, very professional and immediately puts you at ease. I did not know what to expect from Reiki but felt quite overwhelmed in life and unable to focus, with a real heavy heart so felt this would be good for me. I can only describe Reiki for me and it was like a warm energy, it was very relaxing and a I will definitely arrange some more Reiki sessions with Anna."


 I was anxious about Reiki, however Anna put my mind at ease and helped me feel comfortable with the experience. As a newby to Reiki, I recommend the practice to help as a gateway to explore your spirituality. Anna is prompt with her responses and helped outline expectations beforehand."


 Anna is so attuned to the energy that I've always had amazingly divine healing sessions with her. She gets the same synchronistic messages during the healing as I experience and that to me is a sign of energy that's really moving as well as conveying accurate messages to both the channeler of Reiki and the healee."

 Anna is a lovely person who is clearly very passionate about her profession and embraces reiki. Really good service, made to feel very welcome and supported. Each session made a noticeable difference (and improvement) for me. Would highly recommend"


 I found Reiki helpful. It is very deep and spiritual and because it doesn't involve talking it might well work better for people than talking therapies, I certainly feel this is the case. I feel there was a shift mentally during the time I was having the therapy. Anna is very compassionate and willing to spend lots of time with you. She wants you to feel better, and this in itself is therapeutic. I am certainly likely to use Reiki again."


 “I had my first Reiki session with Anna and she instantly made me feel calm and answered any questions I had about the process. I’ve felt clearer about things in my life since the session and would recommend to someone who wanted to try it.”"


 Been having monthly sessions with Anna for several months now and she's brilliant. Definitely recommend!"


 I have really enjoyed doing reiki sessions with Anna, I was completely new to Reiki but I have gained so much and it has really aided my mental health. After the sessions, I always feel very relaxed and calm which really helps me to connect more with my emotions and feelings. I would definitely recommend reiki to anyone who is struggling with their mental health or who like me wants to feel a sense of calm within themselves."


 I never tried reiki before but I am always inclined with spiritual approach to treat my mental health. I did many reiki sessions with Anna as I find it works to calm myself. During the sessions, Anna identified parts of my body that show signs discomfort and start to look at ways to overcome that difficulties. After each sessions I feel very relaxed and floaty, sometimes Anna took initiatives to send some useful reading materials to aid my healing whilst I gather my thoughts. I feel much better now and happy to report that my mental health is improving. I would highly recommend reiki with Anna."