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During Reiki & Crystal healing treatments, clients are fully clothed and are laid down on a couch.  Similar to full Reiki sessions, the room is darkened, scented candles are lit, and gentle music is played to help clients relax as much as possible in order to enjoy and to maximise the benefit of their session. Blankets are also provided for extra warmth if this is needed during the session.  A brief initial or review case history is taken before each session.

Healing takes place through a combination of Reiki Universal Life Energy being channelled through the palms of my hands into the client's energy system, either through gently placing my hands on or just above certain points on the body, known as Chakras, and through crystal healing techniques.

The energy flow between my hands and each client and their interaction with the crystal healing techniques is very individual and is directed and shaped by what is subconsciously most needed for them at that time. For that reason, the experiences and sensations are very different from person to person during a session, and can also be different from session to session for the same person.

After a session has taken place, clients are helped to feel fully awake, and there is an opportunity to discuss and explore any experiences encountered during the session, and to plan next steps. After-care advice is also given to support the changes that may have been facilitated through the Reiki & Crystal healing session.

Each session lasts around 2 to 2 and a half hours in total, with clients having plenty of time for their session.

Please contact me if you’d like to arrange an appointment or would like further information.